Monday, February 22, 2010

NPA Alerts Health-Food Stores to Dangers of S. 3002

According to the Natural Products Association (NPA) in an e-mail alert issued today, here is how S. 3002 would affect health-food stores:
  • All dietary supplements, whether vitamins, minerals, herbal products and others that were previously allowed under DSHEA, could be removed from the market under S. 3002. This legislation would mandate that every dietary supplement would have to go through a brand new process of government review (yet to be defined) in order to remain on store shelves.
  • For the first time in the history of food or drug law, retail establishments would need to register with the FDA. Failing to register could result in severe monetary penalties, up to two times your gross profit. Not complying with even minimal technical requirements, such as minor errors in registration, recordkeeping or reporting could be considered a criminal offense.
  • Retailers would also be required to obtain “adequate written evidence” from suppliers that each dietary supplement product meets all regulatory requirements. Again, failure to do so could result in severe monetary penalties.
Act now!

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